You're A Babe Toner

You're A Babe Facial Toner & Beauty Mist - a floral beauty toner for the total babe

Give yourself a little spritz here & there, throughout your day to feel revitalized, gorgeous & balanced!

A gentle rose water based toner with geranium essential oil to reduce inflammation, restore balance to skin and hormones and alleviate anxiety.  2oz / 60ML

INGREDIENTS: distilled water, rose hydrosol (rose water), witch hazel, essential oils, vegetable glycerin, optiphen plus (natural preservative)

*natural & cruelty free*

I personally love throwing it in my bag, knowing I'm going to have a long day of running around. I love how refreshed my skin looks and feels after a quick spritz before a meeting or even a date! Brighten up your day with You're A Babe Toner!

Little Black Box

Little Black Boxes filled with all things self-love!  For the wild-at-heart lady who loves leisure ♥︎

Born out of feeling "burnt out" & a compulsion for wearing all black, Little Black Box founder, Keira Lemonis, decided to to get serious about taking more time for herself, establish much needed self-love rituals, and create a life filled with beauty and fun!

Keira and her Little Black Box team curate, and produce, cruelty-free, sometimes a bit quirky, beautiful self-love products, put them together so they look their best and then send them out for you to keep for yourself or share with the world!

Their goal is to help women take a pause, celebrate their day to day lives, their natural beauty  & treat themselves to some well-deserved little luxuries!  Little Black Box strives to work with boutique brands that truly create unique products and, whenever possible, we love supporting other women owned companies!

Think of Little Black Box as a self-love "goodie box" company - now the choice is yours to keep it for self-love or surprise your favorite boss babe with some extra love! Let me tell you - receiving such quality and fun-loving products in the mail can boosts any babe's mood! Next time you're looking to send someone a thoughtful and cute gift, think of LITTLE BLACK BOX!

Disclaimer: Little Black Box is NOT a subscription box so there is no monthly commitment. Simply pick one up anytime or send as a rad gift to a friend or a group, such as your bridesmaids (or any girl gang really)! With babe approved packaging to make anyone's day, you're in the clear for gifting for ANY reason or no reason at all!